Free tickets to see The Cove

The producers of The Cove have offered Global Action Network free tickets to the Montreal premiere on Aug 5, 2009.

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Most people think water purification systems are overkill. While the side effects of dealing with hard water may be subtle, this doesn’t mean you should ignore them. There are a lot of factors outside of your control of that affect the taste, smell, and composition of your drinking water. Unfortunately, you can’t take your water quality for granted.

Whether you own or manage an industrial wastewater treatment facility, it’s important to understand the significance of sewage treatment. Ignoring wastewater treatment systems could earn your company many fines or lawsuits. It could also pose a potential threat to public health.

Making a monthly donation to your favorite charity is a good way to give back and to help those in need. While there are some charities that you know and respect, you'll likely come across some organizations that you never heard of before. Whether donating to adult or children's charities, you always want to make sure that the organization will provide you with proof of your donation, which lets you write off that cash on your taxes the following year. Do not give a single dime of your money until you do your research and determine that the money goes to support a good cause.

The primary reason for installing filter bags in an industrial machine is to keep water flowing through it clean. Dirt, dust, debris and other particles are removed using a bag filter, and this prevents machine clogging and other problems.

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Victory for Seals!

On May 5, 2009 history was made when the European Union voted
overwhelmingly to close its borders to products derived from all seal
hunts worldwide.
Despite intense lobbying from large Canadian delegations spouting
misinformation and the threat of trade reprisals, compassionate EU
decision makers approved the ban with a vote of 550 in favour and 49

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