History and Information

Global Action Network is a nationally incorporated non-profit organization, dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and action. We believe
that animals, the environment, and human welfare are inextricably
linked. Simply put, animal abuse and the destruction of our environment
has an ultimate consequence - the degradation of the human species. We
achieve our mandate through education, grassroots organizing, coalition
building, and political networking.Global Action Network works in seven
program areas: Sustainable Agriculture, Oceans, Wildlife, Animals in
, Globalization, Animals in Biomedical Research and
Companion Animals.

GAN has already achieved significant victories for animals. In 1998,
we cancelled plans to stage a cruel bullfight in Montreal. The
following year, we obtained three municipal bylaws prohibiting animal
acts in entertainment. In 2001 we stopped plans to build a captive
dolphin facility
in Quebec.

Currently, Global Action Network is working on several vital campaigns, including:

Education is the foundation of many of our activities. To this end,
GAN provides presentations for schools and universities, and
coordinates many public lectures on animal issues. To date, we have
organized well attended events by Dr. Neil Barnard (PCRM), Ralph Nader
(Green Party), Dr. David Suzuki (Suzuki Foundation), Howard Lyman
(Earthsave), Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society), Jeffrey
Masson (author, When Elephants Weep), Steve Wise (author, Rattling the
Cage), and Ric O'Barry (author, To Free a Dolphin), amongst others.