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Bedo Goes Fur Free

Two weeks into a campaign launched by Global Action Network to pressure the retail chain into going fur free, Bedo has pulled all fur from their stores across Canada. In a letter dated Friday, 13 January 2006, Bedo’s Controller stated that the company was sensitive to animal welfare concerns, and as such, had made the decision to stop selling fur.

Global Action Network’s campaign focused on educating consumers and Bedo employees about the gruesome origins of the rabbit fur they were selling. Bedo’s fur came from China, a country without a single animal welfare law, where recent undercover investigations revealed that animals are routinely skinned alive. “Rabbits on fur farms spend their entire lives standing on the thin cage wires, never having a chance to dig, jump or play. What’s more, there is a thriving, extremely cruel dog and cat fur industry in China, much of which is often falsely labeled as “rabbit fur” before export to Western markets. Without expensive DNA tests, it is virtually impossible to know exactly what kind of animal you are actually wearing if you choose to wear fur,” said Global Action Network Director Andrew Plumbly.

Global Action Network congratulates Bedo on making a compassionate decision that will save many animal lives and hopefully influence other Canadian retailers to follow suit.

Bedo joins Jacob, a major retailer that recently went fur free after negotiations with Global Action Network, and other major fur free retailers, Gap Inc., Banana Republic, Reitmans, ZARA, Suzy Shier and Roots, in promoting the concept that “compassion is the fashion.”

With so many high-quality alternatives to fur, compassionate consumers can spare animals by choosing soft acrylics, brushed cotton and faux fur.


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