7 Reasons to Switch to PEX Plumbing

The need to replace plumbing pipes can prove stressful with so many types of material available. PEX is increasingly installed due to the beneficial qualities it exhibits. A plumber can have it installed quickly and ready to use faster than other piping materials.

1. Flexible Pipe for Easier Use

Plumbing professionals like PEX pipe material for ease of use. Traditional copper or PVC pipes require making cuts and adding joints to go around corners and make sharp turns. PEX is flexible enough to bend in a 90-degree angle without compromising the stability of the material.

2. Cut the Lengths You Need

PEX pipe is made in long segments, which make it easier to measure and cut off the size appropriate for the job at hand. It’s more convenient to carry from one site to another and involves less wasted materials. It can be purchased in colors that indicate red for hot water and blue for cold, or a standard white. There are resources available at www.caldwellplumbing.ca if you want more information.

3. Allows Water to Flow Through Easier and Quieter

Many homes are too busy to notice much in the way of the noise of water flowing through metal pipes. It is apparent when there are no televisions going and it’s quiet. Water flowing through PEX pipes is extremely quiet and cannot be heard from inside the home.

4. Less Heat Loss for Hot Water

The unique feature of PEX material is the ability to retain the water and the temperature it flows in, which is ideal for hot and cold climates. You can feel confident that the water will not drastically change after leaving the water heater and get chilled in the middle of winter.

5. Ability to Withstand Freezing Temperatures

PEX material has the ability to expand and retract to some extent. It allows for a certain level of freezing without typical pipe bursting. The cost of hiring a plumber to replace pipes when they are damaged from freezing is an expense you can avoid by installing PEX.

6. Zero Corrosion of Similar Metal Pipes

PEX is a 100% corrosion-proof product, which makes it perfect to use with potable water supply delivery. You’ll never have to worry about the corrosion and rust that happens with metal pipes. Make the water you drink safe and better-tasting.

7. Reliable Conduit for Water Delivery

A PEX water line is considered one of the most reliable available. It’s easy to put in place and repair if there are problems.

Find out from a qualified plumber if PEX is a replacement solution for your fresh water needs.